About Mark


mark-main-medMark has an individualized style of training and does not use the standard one size fits all reining training program.

He believes that every horse has it’s own personality and disposition. Because of this, each animal needs the opportunity to have training  in an environment that encourages learning and success. This requires a unique trainer, with a wide range of experience, a wealth of knowledge and a positive outlook.

If you have a performance goal, Mark specializes in providing expert guidance to help you reach it.

You can contact Mark Harnden at (209) 304-8672, via email at mkharnden7@gmail.com, or through Facebook.  Sometimes it is difficult to get a hold of Mark because he is almost always riding horses and helping team members, so please feel free to contact Lindsey Harnden, Mark’s assistant at (209)613-9246.

Check out Mark showing Eve and Banjo to see first hand what kind of horses are part of his amazing team!


Mark & Eve, Rein for the Roses Derby 2013

Mark & Banjo

Mark & Carrie welcome and thank you for visiting Harnden Performance Horses. Together, they operate a first class facility that will meet the industry’s highest standards of excellence in every way.

Whatever your level or area of interest, this trainer team has something for you.  Mark Harnden offers a variety of services including non pro, youth & open reining training, showing, clinics, instruction and quality horses for sale.  Carrie Harnden is a world class dressage trainer that travels the US giving clinics.